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The Witches' Book Of The Dead, Book by Christian Day (Paperback) |

The Witches' Book of the Dead explores the enduring relationship between witches and the dead and teaches rituals and incantations to help readers open doorways to the spirit world. Topics include: Legendary Witches who have raised the dead, including The Witch of Endor, Circe, and Erichtho Creating ancestral altars and building relationships with spirits The tools of Necromancy: the bronze dagger, yew wand, iron keys, graveyard dust, the offering cauldron, spirit powders, the human skull, and more Methods of spirit contact, including automatic writing, scrying mirrors, spirit boards, pendulums, and spirit mediumship The ancient arts of necromancy as a method of conjuring the dead to assist in magic Ridding yourself of unwanted spirits using rituals of cleansing, banishing and exorcism Ghost hunting techniques that combine psychic wisdom with modern technology Communing with the dead in dreams Sacred holidays and powerful celebrations of the dead Resources on where to ethically obtain the tools of the trade An overview of the feared deities of the Underworld Rituals, recipes, exercises, and more!

Dare to walk between the worlds with Christian Day as he guides you across the River Styx into the shadowy realms where the dead long to connect with us once more! Very well researched. From start to finish, this is a fascinating compendium of necromantic lore, and I recommend it highly!

"The Witches Book of the Dead" and October Events

If you are tired of reading regurgitated, watered-down books or have found yourself in a place where you wish to delve deeper into the core of the occult, then this is a must read. Jam-packed with practical advice, easy-to-follow instructions, and covering everything from exorcism to necromancy, The Witches' Book of the Dead truly is the quintessential guide to working with the spirit world.

A must-have for every magical practitioner's book shelf!

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It is a fascinating compendium and a useful tool but definitely a controversial challenge. Read and enjoy, but apply the techniques with care and caution! For those exploring the serenity of shadow and the deeper levels of Craft, this book is most definitely for you. This book is not for the fearful but rather for the sincere seeker of the Netherworld in all its truth and dark beauty. Stride now into this dark world with Necromantic Warlock, Christian Day, who has touched the shadowland and now brings it to you within each and every chapter of this wellresearched tome.

According to legend, the spirits of the dead can confer magical talents, fame, love, and wealth on those brave enough to summon them. In The Witches' Book of the Dead , modern-day Salem Warlock Christian Day shows you how to summon the spirits of our beloved to help you discover hidden opportunities, influence the minds of others, seduce the object of your affection, and even reach into the dreams of the unwary. Similar items. Log in Create an account. I think work with that crystal in retrieving and integrating the information into my practice and life.

Witches' Book of the Dead

Another aspect of his book I can give my full support to is the notion that you do NOT own spirit, and have no right to conjure spirits to do your bidding. They are not your slaves. In fact, they are your betters. You are asking them to join you in ritual and in healing. You are asking them to share their wisdom and love, and in turn, you should be doing the same.

Before any of this, you need to first build your relationship with the spirit world. Look at it from this point of view.

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