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In the current version, if anyone from a group creates a moment, everyone else who is a part of that moment gets to see a suggestion card showing a group of photos from their phones which they can add to the existing moment. Other way to remind friends is by commenting within the moment. A growth hack for getting new users.

There are three ways that are there in the current version of the app for getting new users onboard.

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Showing the albums you uploaded in past on facebook as suggestions for creating a new moment is a feature launched most recently. I was thinking one on very similar lines. I wish I would have sent this posted this article earlier, but I am really glad the moments team came up with this. This is really an excellent way to get new users. Recommended solution Sharing photos and albums directly from moments app to Facebook and Instagram. Sanket and Anurag were two of my friends whom I introduced Moments too.

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They both started using the app when we went on a road trip. We added all our photos in a Moment. But they both independently shared few photos, which were also the part of our Moment, on Facebook and Instagram. People love sharing few of their best photos, from an event that just happened in their life like a weeding, birthday, trip, etc, on Facebook and Instagram.

What if we can show a social card below every moment and give users options to customise it according to their needs. Moments can do it using the current technology.

Now you can just post your awesome group of photos on Facebook and Instagram with a click. Design suggestion for improving search results. When I search for lets say a friend with a name anurag, the results are shown in the order of firstly photos and then moments. The problem with this is I get to see all my friends named anurag on facebook first and then the relevant moments. Recommended solution The sequence of results shown should be based on relevancy, as in, the number that is shown on the right. Additionally the results can be categorised within people in moments, albums and others.

Its very displeasing to see the screenshots and text images in suggestions. Recommended solution A card showing an option to choose the folders the user want to see suggestions from can be shown upfront. This is currently hidden under settings tab. A card for clearing off all suggestions with images having text can be shown. All the text images can be identified using image recognition.

Notifying users to look back on created moments based on time, location and date created. These are just are a few products that use nostalgia to spark engagement and build compelling experiences. I took out some time to observe the activity of sharing old memories with friends on facebook. Memories are more relevant to the group of people already associated with it. Moments app have great advantage of harnessing this power of Nostalgia. Moments also knows at which location, at what time and with whom you have created a memory in your life.

It can use any of this information to provoke the feeling nostalgia within you. Using time and date : Asking you to look back on a moment you created an year ago. Using location : If you are visiting a certain location after say two months and you already have few moments at this location before, moments can show you those moments at that location. Using people in a moment : If you interact with a friend on messenger first time after say three months, moments head can pop up asking you to take reflect back on moments you have that friend. More than a year ago I moved to Mumbai, India from my small home town, for the first ever Job of my life.

I was living with few of my friends. We started Airbnb-ing our apartment.

Our first guest was Arthur, from France. He booked for a day but ended up living with us for more than two months. Living with someone from a different land for the first time, I learnt so many new perspectives about life. We created memories that we surely cant forget for the lifetime. But I knew he would leave soon! An idea sprouted up in my mind. I really wanted to save our story together, which I can look back on to recall those times and tell about it to others as well.

I swear!! Moments that are meant to be remembered. Your story with people in your life — photos, calls, chats, places you have been to, food you ordered, songs you introduced to one another, online purchases, tv series, etc, etc — everything you have done with one person arranged according to time and locations. There are so many Mo-meants you create in a day. Mo-meants app was a place to save your digital story in an interesting way, by attaching them in the form of memories with your friends. I loved this idea and I started working on it from the very moment it struck.

Mo-meants was an idea linked to a certain kind of human behaviour and desire. Hooked certainly helped me to think how to use design to get people to use your product! My belief in Mo-meants grew stronger day by day, until the day I got a notification on Facebook messenger. I sensed what was there in it for me.

I instantly downloaded the app. Keeping aside the strange coincidence of the similarity in the names, the idea of sharing and organising photos with friends was also freakishly similar but done in a much better and efficient way. I am not sure if you can imagine how I felt on seeing that notification. Arthur knows. I woke him up at 4 in the morning, shouting.

I realised one thing soon after. I had two options.

[] Recent Developments on the Moment Problem

Still work on Mo-meants, face the fear, go all-in, make the North Star, gather a team, build it and show it. I decided to go with the latter. And I am really glad I did. I have been kind of obsessed with all-stuff-moments related — reading blogs, articles, reviews. I have been working on this since almost over an year now. Working little little day by day, checking whats new and validating what better can be done.

I now have my answer to the most common question in an UX interview — which is the app you love the most and what changes you can suggest to make it better? I was also inspired by a lot of early stage product designers across the globe who got a job at their dream company by taking a slightly different and more logical approach than sending out mere portfolio and resume links to the company — by proving how you can solve their problems. Designing Moments Laura Javier Nirandfar.

Thanks to all my friends for taking out time for my study and giving me the strength to make this possible. I am Aayush, a product designer based in Mumbai, India. I am currently building healofy and was previously designing experiences housing. I am looking for opportunities where I can contribute with my vision and grow as a Product Designer. Portfolio : aayushj.

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Sign in. Get started. Aayush Jain Follow. There are three parts to this article :- It starts with my understanding of the product and my process of redesigning it, with empathy being one of my most valuable tools. Onboarding New Users The educating screens for first time users. Findings Out of 20 friends whom I talked to for my study, 12 started using the Moments app for the first time. The first screen.

Organising photos. First suggestion. The Notification Trigger The trigger to remind user to send photos to a friend.

Findings When I introduced moments to my friends, they were so surprised and delighted to see their name popping up on my phone and vice-versa when we clicked a photo. The popping head was more of a hinderance My friends felt good the first time they saw it, but not after that. Imagine something popping up everytime you click a photo. It became unpleasant after a while. Your friend is still with you.