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Staying on the road is not a theorem. However staying on the road or going off road is a theorem. For the security barrier as larger than the road width, then staying on the road is effectively enforced as a theorem. This evaluation concludes that casting a problem to substructural epistemic resource logic is an unneeded effort for model resolution.

Authors: Robert Bennett Comments: 4 Pages. This is the abstract, table of results, and table of contents. Authors: Teo Banica Comments: Pages. We discuss as well a number of more advanced topics, selected for their beauty, and potential importance.

Like the materials used to make traditional lasers, the microparticle incorporates a gain medium. Authors: George Rajna Comments: 50 Pages. These results, important for the construction of new theoretical models and for the development of new hypotheses about the nature of dark matter, offer much more precise indications for tracing the intricate path to understanding one of the largest mysteries of the cosmos. Paper Hypotheses 1 Planet Velocity shows, Planet Motion is a part of A Greater Motion- 2 Planet Velocity shows, Planets motions are similar to a train motion- it's one unified motion — and as a train moves with its carriages — the solar system moves one general motion with all planets.

Authors: George Rajna Comments: 67 Pages.

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The advancement could be key to harnessing the potential of the atomic world, eventually leading to breakthroughs in computing, medicine, cryptography, materials science and other applications. Accepted for publication in the journal "Complexity", This paper describes a novel perspective on the foundations of mathematics: how mathematics may be seen to be largely about 'information compression IC via the matching and unification of patterns' ICMUP.

That is itself a novel approach to IC, couched in terms of non-mathematical primitives, as is necessary in any investigation of the foundations of mathematics. This new perspective on the foundations of mathematics reects the idea that, as an aid to human thinking, mathematics is likely to be consonant with much evidence for the importance of IC in human learning, perception, and cognition.

This perspective on the foundations of mathematics has grown out of a long-term programme of research developing the SP Theory of Intelligence and its realisation in the SP Computer Model, a system in which a generalised version of ICMUP -- the powerful concept of SP-multiple-alignment -- plays a central role. The paper shows with an example how mathematics, without any special provision, may achieve compression of information.

Then it describes examples showing how variants of ICMUP may be seen in widely-used structures and operations in mathematics.

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Examples are also given to show how several aspects of the mathematics-related disciplines of logic and computing may be understood as ICMUP. Also discussed is the intimate relation between IC and concepts of probability, witharguments that there are advantages in approaching AI, cognitive science, and concepts of probability via ICMUP.

Also discussed is how the close relation between IC and concepts of probability relates to the established view that some parts of mathematics are intrinsically probabilistic, and how that latter view may be reconciled with the all-or-nothing, 'exact', forms of calculation or inference that are familiar in mathematics and logic. There are many potential benefits and applications of the mathematics-as-IC perspective. Authors: George Rajna Comments: 80 Pages.

A team of scientists from Ural Federal University Yekaterinburg , Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and other collaborator have published an article about a new method for the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles. Authors: George Rajna Comments: 53 Pages. One potential application of such devices is in future cellular networks, widely known as 5G.

Digital electronics alone might not be enough to support the signal processing requirements in such networks. Light and sound devices might do the trick. Uriel Levy and his team have created technology that will enable computers and all optic communication devices to run times faster through terahertz microchips.

Physicists at AMOLF have managed to cool a swinging, nanosized string to near-zero temperature without using external refrigeration. Understanding the physical and chemical characteristics of energetic materials under extreme conditions is crucial for their safe and efficient use. A team of researchers from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that they could use an optical tweezer array of laser-cooled molecules to observe ground state collisions between individual molecules.

Authors: George Rajna Comments: 32 Pages. Mobile gravimetry is an important technique in metrology, navigation, geodesy and geophysics. Authors: George Rajna Comments: 54 Pages. The new microscopes, known as mesoSPIMs, can image the minute detail of brain tissue down to individual neurons, and can uncover the 3-D anatomy of entire small organs faster than ever before.

Introduction to modeling tsunamis with GeoClaw

Authors: George Rajna Comments: 93 Pages. Physicists at Uppsala University in Sweden have identified how to distinguish between true and 'fake' Majorana states in one of the most commonly used experimental setups, by means of supercurrent measurements. An international team of scientists has announced a breakthrough in its quest to measure the mass of the neutrino, one of the most abundant, yet elusive, elementary particles in our universe.

Abambres , A. Ferreira Comments: 61 Pages. There has been much discussion about the impact and future of artificial intelligence AI in our lives and future generations. Artificial Neural Networks ANN have provided a convenient and often extremely accurate solution to problems within all fields, and can be seen as advanced general-purpose regression models that try to mimic the behavior of the human brain. The adoption and use of ANN-based methods in the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide is a clear sign of the successful use of neural nets in geomechanical and pavement systems.

This work aims to provide an extensive and detailed state-of-the-art of the application of ANN models to pavement management, materials and design problems. Abambres , K.

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Rajana , K. Tsavdaridis , T. Ribeiro Comments: 50 Pages. Cellular beams are an attractive option for the steel construction industry due to their versatility in terms of strength, size, and weight. Moreover, the complex localised and global failures characterizing those members have led several scientists to focus their research on the development of more efficient design guidelines. This paper aims to propose an artificial neural network ANN -based formula to estimate the critical elastic buckling load of simply supported cellular beams under uniformly distributed vertical loads.

The proposed model shows a strong potential as an effective design tool. The maximum and average relative errors among the data points were found to be 3. Abambres , J. He Comments: 31 Pages. Corrugated webs are used to increase the shear stability of steel webs of beam-like members and to eliminate the need of transverse stiffeners. Previously developed formulas for predicting the shear strength of trapezoidal corrugated steel webs, along with the corresponding theory, are summarized. An artificial neural network ANN -based model is proposed to estimate the shear strength of steel girders with a trapezoidal corrugated web, and under a concentrated load.

Seven geometrical and material parameters were identified as input variables and the ultimate shear stress at failure was considered the output variable. The proposed ANN-based analytical model yielded maximum and mean relative errors of 0. He Comments: 29 Pages. Headed studs are commonly used as shear connectors to transfer longitudinal shear force at the interface between steel and concrete in composite structures e. Code-based equations for predicting the shear capacity of headed studs are summarized. An artificial neural network ANN -based analytical model is proposed to estimate the shear capacity of headed steel studs.

Three parameters were identified as input variables for the prediction of the headed stud shear force at failure, namely the steel stud tensile strength and diameter, and the concrete cylinder compressive strength. The proposed ANN-based analytical model yielded, for all collected data, maximum and mean relative errors of 3. Abambres , T. Ribeiro , A. Sousa , E. Lantsoght Comments: 18 Pages. Albeit its constitutional claim for quality, Brazilian academia has largely been referred to as unmeritocratic and academic hiring is still inward-oriented.

Lattes platform, a public curricular information system, reflects elements of this protectionism. Several pros and cons mostly of the Lattes platform are identified. With these recommendations, Brazil can move towards a more meritocratic academic hiring system. Category: General Science and Philosophy. Lantsoght Comments: 13 Pages.

Interviews given by Nobel Laureates speaking on this matter are partially illustrated in this work. Furthermore, the authors propose complementary and alternative versions of the journal impact factor, respectively named Complementary CIF and Timeless TIF Impact Factors, aiming to better assess the average quality of a journal — never of a paper or an author. The idea behind impact factors is not useless, it has just been misused.

Lantsoght Comments: 33 Pages. According to the current codes and guidelines, shear assessment of existing reinforced concrete slab bridges sometimes leads to the conclusion that the bridge under consideration has insufficient shear capacity. The calculated shear capacity, however, does not consider the transverse redistribution capacity of slabs, thus leading to overconservative values. This paper proposes an artificial neural network ANN -based formula to come up with estimates of the shear capacity of one-way reinforced concrete slabs under a concentrated load, based on test results gathered from the literature.

A step-by-step assessment scheme for reinforced concrete slab bridges by means of the ANN-based model is also proposed, which results in an improvement of the current assessment procedures. Abambres , R.


Pinto da Costa , F. Since the use of finite element FE simulations for the dynamic analysis of railway beams on frictionally damped foundations are i very time consuming, and ii require advanced know-how and software that go beyond the available resources of typical civil engineering firms, this paper aims to demonstrate the potential of Artificial Neural Networks ANN to effectively predict the maximum displacements and the critical velocity in railway beams under moving loads. Each model is function of two independent variables, a frictional parameter and the load velocity.

Among all models and the data points used, a maximum error of 5. Whereas the latter involves an average computing time per data point of thousands of seconds, the former does not even need a millisecond.