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Deal with it. Apr 08, Colin rated it it was ok. Random ramblings of an over obsessed Leeds fan. I suspect the author spends much of his spare time blowing smoke up the brass arse of Don Revie's statue. Jordan Ellison rated it liked it Feb 05, Adam rated it really liked it Jan 14, G Watson rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Stuart Brown rated it really liked it May 01, Andrew Gosling rated it it was ok May 28, Stockfish rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Mark Walker rated it really liked it May 28, Alexander Hernandez rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Phil R rated it really liked it Jul 18, Michael Chambers rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Phil Kennedy rated it liked it Aug 30, Joshua Clifton rated it liked it Jan 31, Peter Stealey rated it really liked it Aug 13, Catherina O'Rourke rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Lee Slator rated it really liked it Jun 05, John rated it really liked it Jul 27, John rated it really liked it Jan 28, Mike Smith rated it really liked it Oct 18, Die Zugangsdaten sind dabei dieselben wie in diesem Webshop.

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Edwards, Gary. Umfang: S. If that one occasion does not epitomise the shabby way we are viewed I dont know what does. I agree with every word. That summed them up nicely, too — a class club from top to bottom. An excellent blog, Rob. I remember all of these games too and a small part of me remains as heartbroken as the small boy I was in Time has taken the edge off of the pain but I cannot forget these injustices and neither should any Leeds United fan.

Truly we remain damned.

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Probably we shall always remain so. How different would the last 12 years have been with FL in our side? If he could have retained a little humility and insecurity to curb those unwise excesses — we might have had one of the greats in that generation of coaches. We were also denied a penalty against Manchester United , when viduka was fed the ball into the man u penalty area. He chested it down and was about to turn,when Gary Neville did a fantastic two footed drop kick Into Vidukas, chest ,the whistle was blown thought great we got a penalty.

As always Rob a very good post. Thank you.

Paris 75 was bad enough but do you remember some of the reffing in the 75 semis? A free kick awarded against Paul Reaney at ER for one of the best text book tackles on Cryff you are ever likely to see.

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Picture that haunts me is taken from the back of the goal in Paris after Lorimers goal, german players sloping back to half way line, no one appealing, only bent ref running towards his linesman — chilling picture that summed up bent seventies european football. Well remembered lufcokthe Wes Brown own goal, dissalowed for reasons never explained and cost us dearly at the end of that season. Christ what a start to Monday morning! Very good but depressing. I was at Villa Park and Paris.

Positional Play with Leeds United's Ben White

The Paris loss was the final nail in the coffin. It was all downhill from there. If we had won the European Cup would the future have been any better or was it all too late? Maybe our luck will turn — we still have the future and it might balance out all that bad luck. In Cellino we trust! I pointed him in the direction of JC. Just a couple of hours later, he was back in touch. His question was, how come this man is not known outside Leeds, Turin and Swansea? He was well chuffed with my suggestion.

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I try my best to open peoples eyes. I put it down to a certain FL chairman who hated Don Revie and used his influence and contacts to ensure Leeds would never win a trophy during that era. Now the FL under that slug Sean Harvey are doing their damn best to stop Leeds recovering yet allow convicted rapists and money launderers to own clubs. A great article Rob as per usual and a great reminder for the younger ones amongst us to know just how many times we have been cheated by those that wear suits and have never kicked a ball since they were 10 years old.

And how Pride of Devon get patsy groups every year except this! Who did we get in group stage — Real Madrid, Barcelona and Milan.

Gary Edwards

Villa won it later and they have since flattered to deceive as a not-quite-Big Club. Forest were an aberration, and well done them. But it would have been the final vindication of the great Revie team, who had it stolen from them. The difference is that Leeds is the only club outside the PL cartel with the potential to get into it. Which is why we are hated and feared by the suits and sycophants. A mini-riot started at Leeds Road after we had a goal disallowed ish The ball hit a copper who was just standing inside the field of play behind the Huddersfield goal and the ball found its way to Lash who scored.

That was a weird one! Great read Rob, brings back many memories. I can close my eyes and still hear Barry Davies in the WBA match, and the Don leaving the dug-out in his sheepskin coat to accost Tinkler on the pitch. And even as a lad aged 13 I thought that there was something fishy about the FL making us play Wolves 48 hours after the 72 final, with several players having to have pain-killing jabs before the game. Bloody Alan Hardaker must have really hated us — so pleased we won what we did, to stick it to him and his chums, even though we should have wona lot more.

Replay v Brighton at home in the F. A cup- disallowed 2 goals in last 5 minutes. Absolutely lamentable performance by Mills- still widely acknowledged as THE biggest football injustice on tyneside. Brighton went on to reach the final. A name that can still only be spoken of in hushed tones in some of the less hospitable hostelries in Newcastle for fear of inducing hate fueled rantings and subsequent violent reaction.

Still lovingly referred to as simply That Bastard, this allows the speaker to get his point across and remain physically intact without the need to utter his name. What about the cup final debacle? Me favva used to tell me a joke pertaining to that injustice which went something like- who was the last Makem to touch the ball against Leeds in the cup final wor kid?

How did you let them bastards beat you? You had to make me read that and now my eyes are bleeding! Through gritted typing fingers, I have to admit that the Mackems earned any luck they had that horrible day. As we so often did, Leeds United conspired in our own downfall, enabling that spawny twat Montgomery to save a chance that should have taken the net with it and been somewhere out near Jupiter by now. What I will concede is that I hate every atom of that miserable old get the late and unlamented Bob Stokoe.

Likewise, Rob. This was around 20 years ago — after Don had passed away. HE used to live on the next estate to me and my late dad and often took a walk up past our front garden in his later life- of course my Dad being from that generation used to speak to him and comment on how lovely the garden was looking etc etc- me I used to just stand there and shake my head at the hypocricy of it all as I knew me dad would be calling him later on in the evening. A good few semi-finals too….

I went to Paris totally confident and sure of the result and left feeling like a mug punter.