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Michel Serres. Agen , Lot-et-Garonne , France. Vincennes , Val-de-Marne , France. Gaston Bachelard [3] [4]. Retrieved 17 July University of Michigan Press.

Hermes Trismegistus

Retrieved 6 March Continental philosophy. Theodor W. Category Index. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Epistemologically, the system appears as primary, and the parasite as an unhappy addition that it would be best to expel. Such an approach, however, misses the fact that the parasite, like the demon and third man, is an integral part of the system. By experiencing a perturbation and subsequently integrating it, the system passess from a simple to a more complex stage. Thus, by virtue of its power to p.

In this way the parasite attests from within order the primacy of disorder; it produces by way of disorder a more complex order. Order is not the law of things but their exception.

For Serres, to think the concept of disorder does not mean to establish a dialogue between two symmetrical ontologies but rather to rethink the relations between order and disorder in such a way as to show how everything begins, ends, and begins again according to a universal principle of disorder. Consequently, it is necessary to rethink the world not in terms of its laws and its regularities, but rather in terms of perturbations and turbulences, in order to bring out its multiple forms, uneven structures, and fluctuating organizations.

Serres conceives of it as an operation that reduces the multiplicity of reality to rational sequences and controllable consequences. In fact, as in geometry, what passes for a universal globality is only an inordinately distended [ local ] variety. Representation is nothing but this distension, swelling, or inflation.

It intercepts energy and pays for it with information. It intercepts roast beef and pays for it with stories.


These would be two ways of writing the new contract. The parasite establishes an agreement that is unfair, at least in terms of previous accounting methods; it constructs a new balance sheet. It expresses a logic that was considered irrational until now, it expresses a new epistemology, another theory of equilibrium. True, science has been our culture for two thousand years, but it is a culture whose knowledge has perhaps reached its limits.

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Myth and fable, philosophy and literature go beyond these limits. Fables provide a more complete knowledge than geometry, philosophy a more fluctuating one than mathematics, and literature a more complex one than that of exact sciences. Seducer, scientific observer, and learned reader of literature: Serres assumes his multiple identities as he works through a myriad of inter re ferences to create a culture, a history, and a memory. These writings were neglected by theologians, who dismissed them as the offspring of third-century Neoplatonism. According to the generally accepted view, they are eclectic compilations, combining Neoplatonic philosophy, Philonic Judaism, and Kabalistic Theosophy in an attempt to supply a philosophic substitute for Christianity.

The many Christian elements to be found in these mystic scriptures were ascribed to plagiarism. Examination of early mystery writings and traditions has shown that the main source of the Trismegistic tractates is probably the wisdom of Egypt and that they "go back in an unbroken tradition of type and form and context to the earliest Ptolemaic times. Bell, H. Cults and Creeds in Graeco-Roman Egypt.

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