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What did John actually do and say to prepare for Christ's coming? Mt How did John fulfill the prophesied role of Elijah?

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Mal What does it mean that the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing since the days of John the Baptist? That forceful men lay hold of it?

I want to. Comment 0. Admin IT IS I. Then Jesus said that everything has changed since John the Baptist.

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Before John the Baptist came, the law and the prophets testified about the coming kingdom, but after John, the Kingdom of Heaven began forcefully advancing. The idea is that the Kingdom is alive and thriving. This is not passive! Since John the Baptist, Jesus had come, and the Kingdom of Heaven was just beginning to flex its muscles. I think the next phrase is why translators say the kingdom is suffering violence. It says that violent men take it by force.

Advancing forcefully or suffering violence? (Matthew 11:12)

The word for violent is biastes , and it means lively, forceful, or a violent. These are Kingdom men, not thieves!

They are harvesting, not stealing! Jesus is saying that everything the law and prophets foretold is now coming to pass.

Jesus saw this all the time: people forcing their way through crowds to get to him, multitudes thronging to touch him, people interrupting him day and night to get what he had. He always gave those people what they were looking for.

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The wait is over. The kingdom is here! So when I heard about the new water tank, I was very excited. Last week, through our Isaiah 58 Program, we were able send the funds to feed children every day for a month in Mityana.

The Violent Take It by Force by David Briones

Thanks to all of you who faithfully give to this program. Your generosity has allowed us to provide more than , meals so far this year in four different nations. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing, and that forceful people take hold of it Mt I am incredibly thankful as I watch the Lord build a family of such people, moving ahead with the forcefulness of His justice and mercy. Remember, because of His power at work in us, we can do more and do it faster than we ever imagined.

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