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Check stock in Ireland. Product Information. Stress-Free Returns. Go to full returns information. Together Rewards. Sign up and be the first to hear about the latest news, offers and competitions:. Trusted Shop. Follow Us. Cooking for many can be fun with some advance planning. All it takes is planning, preparation, and practice. Using those three Ps will organize your work and guarantee your success in the kitchensee below for more details. If shopping to feed a family, stock up when key staples are on sale, buy in bulk where possible, and shop with the season to maximize freshness while minimizing cost.

Follow the three Ps Step 1: Planning Think about the event itself and who will be coming. This will direct your efforts from the beginning. If its a special event, what type of atmosphere do you want to create? Whether formal or informal, fun or serious, business or casual, all depends on your vision or goal for the event. Think about what you will prepare, what you might ask friends or family members to prepare and bring, and what you can buy that doesnt require much preparation.

At what time of day is the event or meal? Timing will greatly influence the type of foods you will serve. Do you need to serve a full meal or will hors duvres suffice?

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You can save money by preparing some foods yourself but if time is at a premium, it may be worth buying some key elements pre-prepared beware of hidden or dubious ingredientssee pages Pull your recipes and think about what can be cooked or prepared in advance and where you will store it, and cooking times and methods to make sure you are aware of what you will need to do. Remember to thaw frozen foods a day in advance in the refrigerator to make sure they are ready for preparation.

Organize your shopping list by the order of things you want to serve so you wont forget anything: appetizers, main dish, side dishes, salads, desserts, and beverages. Your time and money are valuabledont waste them at the market. You want to enjoy your time at home cooking, not looking for ingredients. Step 3: Practice After you have had success with some of your large meals or events, you can recycle the recipes and cook them with confidence.

Try variations of your recipes, in particular substituting lower-calorie ingredients or adding some healthy ones. Load your pantry with staples for quick and easy meals. For example, with these items: low-sodium canned beans low-sodium canned vegetables tomato sauce or paste low-sodium chicken broth canned tuna, in water canned chicken, in water fruit packed in its own juice you can easily prepare any of the following:.

Examples of variations to try: Add flaxseeds, nuts, and dried fruit to salads Cut the fat by a third in recipes Use egg whites or egg substitutes Try baking usually breaded and fried favorites Add powdered dry milk to baked goods. Be better equipped Crockpots, stockpots, and electric skillets can give you more flexibility in the kitchen. Leave dishes or sauces to simmer in crockpots or stockpots while you get on with something else.

Use an electric skillet for convenient sauting, grilling, or for omelets and frittatas. Frozen options work well, too, if you have a good freezer. Follow the rule when cooking for many. Useful hints and tips when cooking for many Save time and calories with appetizers and snacks by serving a variety of nuts, raw fruits and vegetables, and salads to balance higher-calorie foods to come later in the menu.

Cook sweet potatoes in the microwave. Cool, cut into sticks, toss lightly with cinnamon and brown sugar just a light scattering , and oven-fry. Make a large batch of macaroni or other similar-shaped pasta. Lightly saut fresh chopped kale and mushrooms in olive oil and garlic. Mix and serve. Three dishes to cook for picky eaters Pick a base dish and include two or three side items your choosy eaters can select from: Taco base: Prepare seasoned lean ground beef served with a choice of soft corn and whole-wheat tortillas, leafy greens, chopped tomatoes and peppers, grated low-fat cheese, and taco sauce.

Pasta base: Prepare whole-wheat pasta served with a choice of chickpeas, grilled tuna, chicken chunks, cherry tomatoes, chopped fresh herbs, and 23 low-fat dressings. Brown rice, barley, or quinoa base: Prepare the rice or quinoa served with a choice of black beans, corn, chopped onions and peppers, olives, chopped parsley or basil, lemon, and olive oil.

Set up a pizza, taco, or other fun bar where your guests can serve themselves. Warm up whole-wheat pitas or whole-grain taco shells and set out healthy toppings such as beans, vegetables, low-fat cheese, and even fruit. Broil or bake meats for more efficient use of your preparation time and to reduce fat and calories.

Is Nutella Healthy? Ingredients, Nutrition and More

Not this Fry meats. This requires more of your watch time you have to stand over it constantly and adds fat and calories. Make a big batch of tortellini or gnocchi, and season with olive oil and fresh herbs. A few hours before serving, toss in washed and chopped broccoli and cauliflower or a few bags of frozen. Reheat, toss, and top with grated cheese before serving. Make your own meatballs by mixing half-ground beef and half-moistened whole-wheat bread use broth or water to moisten with egg whites and seasonings. A quick, easy, and healthy salad can be made with mixed greens, chopped or dried fruit, nuts, and cheese.

Ingredients 5 cups mixed greens 14 cup chopped dried cranberries, cherries, or apricots 14 cup chopped or sliced walnuts, peanuts, or almonds 14 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.

200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better

Cooking for many? Prepare dishes that are made in advance, can be kept hot or cold during the event with minimal work from youand require self-service. This frees you up to enjoy the company. Stretch the meat dollars and make dishes healthier by cooking fricasses and stews with a tomato sauce or low-sodium broth base with mostly celery, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and potatoes with skin and less meat or chicken. Directions Put the greens in the bottom of the salad bowl. Sprinkle with the dried fruit, nuts, and crumbled cheese.

Add the salad dressing see right before serving, or serve on the side of the salad. Use one quarter of this dressing for your salad; save the rest for later! Ingredients 12 cup orange juice 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 12 tsp pepper 12 tsp dill weed 2 packets Splenda or other sugar substitute Directions Place the ingredients in a shaker bottle or whisk together in a bowl and serve over the salad.

Egg breakfast Calories 1 hard-cooked egg, 1 glass orange juice, plain whole-wheat toast calories. General breakfast options Calories 8 oz plain Greek yogurt topped with 1 cup canned drained peaches, 14 cup granola, herbal tea calories. Make time for lunch Whether you are in a hurry or taking your time, at home or at work, lunch is an important meal that can refuel you. Lunch is the meal that gets you over that midday hump to provide you with energy until later in the day. Meals tend to be larger for people with physically demanding jobs such as farm work, and smaller meals are generally consumed by people with sedentary jobs such as office work, but it depends on your eating habits and, in particular, the size and times of your other meals and snacks see page Lunch also varies around the world.

In some areas, it is a multi-course meal consumed slowly, as a major social event or the main meal of the day.

6 Ways to Eat Less and Be Full - Healthy Eating - Cooking Light

In other areas, it may be light, consisting of bread or other starch and a highprotein food. Brunch has also become popular, describing a late breakfast or early lunch that has the elements of both meals. It is most common on weekends. What does lunch mean to you? Something quick to eat while running errands or working? Watch out for hidden calories in quick-serve preprepared foods. Something low-cost?

Try brown bagging meals see opposite.

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Consider how you want to feel after you eat. Avoid skipping the meal, since it will make you feel tired, moody, or irritable its hard to be nice when you are hungry and have low blood sugar. A combination of complex carbohydrates Tomatoes and proteins will rejuvenate the mind provide water, fiber, and body.

Stimulants such as coffee may perk you up temporarily, especially vitamins, and minerals if combined with sugar, but this is followed by a blood sugar drop, and too much caffeine could make you nervous and irritable.

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The best choice at a quick-service eatery? Focus on the smart choices regarding portion size and side items. The best choice at your work cafeteria?